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We have three plans to suit your needs:
  1. General SLAs
  2. Annual service agreement
  3. Priority service agreement
We provide the complete holiday planning services with itineraries and B2B rates. We also offer White labelling solutions where our packages will be provided with your details and logo. Based on our plan that you choose, you will get benefits such as liaisoning support, marketing & strategic ideas support, dedicated HighQ specialist staff at your workplace.

We provide three plans. You can choose the one that suits your requirement.
  1. General SLAs
  2. You get the wholesale rates.
  3. Annual service agreement
  4. You get the wholesale rates (of course) + white labelling at the backend + Liaisoning support
  5. Priority service agreement You get all the above services in addition to Marketing strategies and support + a HighQ specialist staff at 50% cost.

No. We take care of the hotelier and vendor management in all the plans. Backend support for your bookings is assured by us in all the plans.

In White labelling solutions, we assign a separate Operations staff to take care of all your client co-ordination. We use only your name and logo when we speak to your client. In White labelling, you get everything under one umbrella which means complete support from pre-tour to on tour representing your organisation.

Liaisoning support is complete operations support from Pre tour to Post tour provided in White labelling solutions functioning from our office.

Our HighQ specialist is a dedicated staff from our office that will function from your location and cater to your clients’ requirements representing your company.

Our liaisoning staff will function from our office and handle only operational work. The HighQ specialist staff will represent your organisation and handle the end to end work for sales and operations both.

No, our White labelling solution comes with strict policies and complete assurance of non disclosure of HighQ details to your direct client.

All you need to do is subscribe to our service agreement by choosing your choice of plan in the contract. Provide us with your company details along with your logo and be rest assured that everything else will be taken care of by us.

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